Giving to charity does not require you to stretch your already tight budget. If you want to make the universe an incredible place, you will be happy to know that you can do it without breaking the bank. Here’s how:


Give blood

As long as you are between the age of 17 and 65, you can give blood. Look out for a blood drive in your region. Red Cross and other local blood donor organizations are keen on organizing such events. You will only feel pain for a millisecond. After that, the organizers will give you a drink to replenish your energy. The act will go a long way in saving somebody’s life.

Donate your time

Many charitable groups are in search of manual efforts from volunteers. Volunteering is valuable and could have a more significant impact than giving money. Sometimes all it takes to make a senior happy is your presence. Animal rescue programs also need volunteers.

Donate your vacation time

Many companies allow their employees to donate unused vacation time. So, you can donate yours to a needy person. Spend a day less at the beach this year and give the extra days to a terminally ill person, or someone who is struggling financially.

Donate your flowers

If you just had an event and had some extra flowers, consider donating them. Ask your local hospital how you can take the flowers to sick people, and you will brighten their day. Your local florist can connect you to people who are in dire need of flowers and cannot afford to buy. It’s also possible to donate flowers if you grow them.

Donate your body space

It’s ever about awareness because when people know about specific charitable causes, they will donate readily. So, if you cannot afford to give towards a purpose, consider wearing a ribbon on your lapel or a band on your wrist. You will pass the message that people out there are in need of support.

Register as an organ donor

Nobody requires organs once they pass on. Carry an organ donor card everywhere you go and inform your loved ones about your intentions. Make it clear about the parts you are happy to give up.


Everyone has a lot of resources they can give freely. Sharing these things does not make you lose anything, but it instead helps you to gain blessings. Try making the world a better place!