Technology has changed our lives. This is an undeniable fact of life. It’s altered the way we communicate, the way we travel and the way we carry out dozens of tasks. Technology has influenced almost every single industry you could imagine, including philanthropy. That’s right, even the philanthropic organizations of the world have been hit by the digital revolution. Many philanthropic organizations and charities have utilized technology to complete multiple tasks and conduct business, but tech has allowed average citizens to get in on the charitable action from their homes.

Here are a few mobile applications that can allow anyone to become charitable at the tap of a button.

I Can Go Without

I Can Go Without’s mission statement is incredibly simple: users can opt out of everyday pleasures and luxuries and instead donate that money to a worthwhile cause. For example, let’s say that you grab a cup of coffee on your way to work every single morning. What if, instead of buying that overpriced cup of joe, you took that money and donated it to a charity? I Can Go Without allows you to do just that. The app connects users with a variety of reputable charities, like Thirst Relief International and Sightsavers.

One Today

One Today is a fantastic philanthropy app made by Google that allows users to find a brand new charity a day; it’s as simple as that. Users can login to the app and be shown a trusted and meaningful philanthropic organization, and if the users likes the charity’s mission, they can donate to it. What’s more, you can even get your friends in on the charitable giving. You can share charities with your friends and even match their donations. It’s the perfect combination of philanthropy and social media.

Charity Miles

Wouldn’t it be great if you could donate money to a charitable cause of your choice while also getting fit? Well, Charity Miles allows you to do just that. All you need to do is bring up the application and let your smartphone’s sensors and technology do the rest. The app tracks your route, and, depending on your workout, donates based on how far you’ve traveled. For bikers, you’ll donate 10 cents every mile whereas walkers and runners will donate 25 cents per mile.

These are only a handful of apps that allow for everyday citizens to donate intuitively and easily. There are plenty of other apps that I may highlight in a future blog.