On September 14, 2018, Hurricane Florence struck the North Carolina cost at Wilmington and began its grueling trek inland. This slow-moving storm had lingered over the Atlantic and packed its growing expanse with trillions of gallons of water, which it dumped on North and South Carolina.

As Hurricane Florence completed its watery attack on the Carolinas and headed northward, at least 37 deaths had been reported. Mandatory evacuations caused many to flee the coast, not knowing when they could return to their homes.

Multiple organizations are working tirelessly to assist those most affected by Florence’s rage. Some of these rescue agencies are listed below.

North Carolina Community Foundation

The North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF) is a state-wide relief agency with decades of experience in allocating funds in the most effective manner.  Florence’s recovery and rebuilding will be a long-term endeavor. NCCF applies your contributions to actual needs of real people instead of ‘admnistrative costs’.

To donate, you may send a check to 3737 Glenwood Ave. Suite 460, Raleigh, NC 27612. For help with making your tax deductible donation, call 919-828-4387 or 800-532-1349.

South Carolina Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (SCVOAD)

The South Carolina Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster consist of member agencies specializing in various skills and services to provide support to hurricane and other disaster victims.

Contact SCVOAD by sending an email to SCVOADinfo@gmail.com.

The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a large organization that offers assistance to disaster victims, and is active in Hurricane Florence relief efforts. To donate to the American Red Cross, visit their website.

Other organizations currently active in assisting Florence victims include:

Team Rubicon: hcarter@teamrubiconusa.org or 310-640-8787
Americares: info@americares.org or (800) 486‑HELP · (203) 658‑9500
Global Giving: US Toll Free: 877 605 2314


The devastation and suffering is real. The need cannot be overstated. To optimize the effectiveness of your gift, it is agreed by all agencies that sending a cash contribution is the best way to help out!

Goods and supplies donated have to be cataloged and stored, and may not be what is most needed. The agencies offering hands-on assistance know the needs and will make sure every dollar is spent wisely.

Many thanks to all who contribute money or volunteer efforts for Hurricane Florence victims!