It seems as though mother nature is incredibly upset this year. Only a few months prior, North America and the Caribbean Islands were devastated by a series of earthquakes and hurricanes that sent whole countries into disarray. Millions have been affected by these disastrous events, and just when it seemed as though we could look forward and move on, we were hit with another disaster. In very early October, Northern California was rocked by a series of fires that began to engulf the state’s wilderness and some districts. The fires, which still continue to burn to this day, have killed at least 42 people, injured several others and displaced thousands of Californians. Here’s how to help.



As is the case with all natural disasters, one of the best ways to help those in need is to volunteer. If you live in the general area of the fires and were one of the lucky few who were not affected, please consider helping your fellow neighbors. Once all of the individual fires are under control, rescue efforts will more than likely rise. However, you can still assist in areas where the fires have been contained. You can assist in sifting through the soot and rubble and clean up the burned areas. Or, if you live near the area and have space in your house, you can sign up for AirBnb and offer free shelter to those who’ve been displaced.



Obviously, donations are always welcome. You’ll want to donate to several local organizations that are directly providing support to victims. A few great organizations to donate to are Napa Valley Communication Foundation, Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief and United Way of Wine Country. The best possible donation in a situation like this is money, as it can allow organizations to pay for situation-specific needs. If you want to donate food, clothes or other items, you can donate to the Redwood Empire Food Bank or the Fort Bragg Food Bank.

It is very sad that there have been so many natural disasters so close to one another that I have to continue to write blogs such as these. My thoughts are with those that have suffered these past few months due to these terrible natural disasters. Hopefully our donations and assistance can help heal the wounds left by mother nature much faster.