With the dawn of 2018 just around the corner, I figured we should take some time to reflect on what  this year has brought us. 2017 has been a trying year for many reasons, and because of this, it will likely not soon be forgotten. Without a doubt, this year has been one of the most disastrous in recent memory. It has been a year in which Mother Nature has demonstrated her absolutely devastating power. But as the new year approaches, we also must prepare for a brighter future, and deep into our pockets, and our hearts, and help those in need.


Hurricane Season

2017 has had one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. From August to September, three major hurricanes have hit a large portion of the world, and have caused catastrophic damage to millions of people. It began with Hurricane Harvey causing major destruction in Houston, Texas and parts of Louisiana. Afterwards, the terror continued with Hurricane Irma striking various regions of the Atlantic, causing even more widespread panic and pain. Irma ripped through several Caribbean Islands like Barbuda and damaged roughly 95% of the island’s buildings. It also made landfall in the US and caused considerable damage in Southern Florida and several other US states. And finally, the cherry on top was Hurricane Maria, which is most notable for devastating the island/US territory of Puerto Rico, causing major damage, blackouts and even death.



California is no stranger to wildfires. The west coast state has had its fair share of natural disasters in the past, but this year has truly been a test of the people of California’s resolve. In October, 250 wildfires ignited and spread throughout 245,000 acres of California land, consuming everything in sight. These fires caused billions of dollars worth of damage and claimed the lives of 44 people. To make matters worse, just this month, another wildfire came to be and is currently burning through Southern California as I write these words. So far, the Thomas Fire alone measures in at 231,700 acres. That’s larger than the size of all of New York City.


The people of these disasters are still recovering and you can still help. I’ve written blogs in the past about how to help these individual survivors. In order to help the hurricane victims, click here for a bevy of different options. To help those affected by the California wildfires, click here.


I remind you of these stories, not to frighten or worry, but to inspire to help. Take these stories and this information and help our fellow men and women recover. Let us all work side-by-side and look forward to a better, brighter year.